NATURAL RESOURCES LAW. Mines and quarries, oil and gas, energy, forests.
Étude Kabinda – Avocats DRC has been closely involved in the reform of the oil and gas sector, which has just culminated in promulgation of Act No. 15/012 of 1 August 2015 pertaining to the general regime for oil and gas, and continues to monitor the enforcement of implementing measures thereof. Étude Kabinda offers companies necessary assistance to enable them to position themselves in this sector in accordance with these new regulations, regardless of the activity they intend to develop: prospection, exploration and production of oil and gas, refining, transportation, storage and distribution activities for petroleum products. Étude Kabinda further assists companies in negotiations with the State in order to obtain petroleum contracts required for their activity.

By assisting mining companies in negotiations with the National Electricity Company - Société Nationale d’Électricité (SNEL), Étude Kabinda – Avocats DRC has developed cutting-edge skills in the field of energy and electricity industry in particular. In the midst of a period of change, it is a sector that is expected to grow in industrial and mining areas.

Liberalisation of the energy sector and the opening of the electricity market to any economic operator, distribution of competing powers between central government, provinces and decentralised territorial entities — within this market — the erection of any hydroelectric or geothermal site, are subject matters in which our teams are invested. Based on its experience of the DRC’s business environment, Étude Kabinda enables investors to anticipate and investigate with them innovative solutions for their future investments based on Act No. 14/011 of 17 June 2014 referring thereto. It is now the tool serving to advise and guide them.

Étude Kabinda – Avocats DRC is therefore ready to offer its clients solid assistance in dealing with mergers and acquisitions, real estate and production, transmission and distribution infrastructure, environmental issues related to energy, dispute resolution, good management practices, public-private partnership issues, among others.

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