Infrastructure. Public works infrastructure is part of the field of major projects that combine public and private capital: construction of roads, ports and airport modernisation, construction of light and heavy bridges, hydroelectric dams. Étude Kabinda has, for several years, been involved in these programmes, which aim to develop, finance, acquire, restructure and privatise major infrastructure projects and concessions based on the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) (build, operate, transfer) system.

It is within the framework of these markets, in view of the presence of the public sector holding the rights over several areas of the State, that Étude Kabinda has developed a mastery of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and public procurement as regulated by Act No. 10/010 of 27 April 2010 pertaining to the latter, as well as to its implementing measures, with a view to implementing major infrastructure projects: partnership agreements, long-term leases, temporary public domain occupation permits and leases with a buy-back commitment, complex contractual arrangements. Infrastructure is the future of the African continent. Our team tasked to handle these issues has the capacity to intervene at all stages of a project: arrangements design, negotiations, organisation and management of procedures, analysis of offers, drafting of contracts and financing documents, follow-up of performance of contracts. They also have the capacity to join larger teams in international networks for project financing and share their in-depth knowledge of the Congolese infrastructure market.

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