DISPUTE RESOLUTION. Étude Kabinda’s lawyers are excellent practitioners in dispute resolution, whether judicial, arbitral or administrative. Resolution of these disputes is an important step of the law firm’s activities as our clients generally employ several hundred employees.

Any company operating in the environment of a country such as the DR Congo is faced with disputes in which the opposing party may be a public institution (the General Directorate for Taxes [DGI], the General Directorate for Administrative, Judicial, Property and Share Revenue [DGRAD], the General Directorate for Customs and Excise [DGDA]), its own employees or competing companies. Our teams are used to handling resolution of such disputes, regardless of the step they have reached. We also assist our clients in disputes that require arbitration, and provide the necessary support to international law firms that are involved in arbitral disputes that require the understanding or application of DRC laws and regulations. Most of the time, any finalisation of a dispute requires the implementation of one or more settlement agreements. Our lawyers are trained to negotiate, prepare and implement such agreements in the best interests of our clients.

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