SETTING UP, CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, SUPPORT. Étude Kabinda – Avocats DRC advises and assists company managers and their management or administrative bodies in order to help them carry out their missions in compliance with OHADA legislation relating to commercial companies and related regulations, in compliance with investment protection regulations and ensuring that their company’s interests are guaranteed. Étude Kabinda further assists multinational companies in setting up subsidiaries or branches in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and in maintaining good practices as regards prevention of corruption and conflict of interest. Moreover, Étude Kabinda assists managers in setting up new entities and assists their administrative bodies in keeping their company’s corporate documents up to date in view of a complex public administration.

Étude Kabinda enables managers to benefit from supervision of their services by professionals who are informed of the requirements to be complied with and who are familiar with the machinery of the sector. The law firm offers elaborate administrative services, such as drafting appropriate deeds and full support in the steps to be carried out with administrations that manage the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register (RCCM), as well as assistance in decision-making within the various types of general meetings. Étude Kabinda enables managers to save energy, increase efficiency and operate in a calm business climate. We listen to shareholders and partners in order to prevent management risks (justice, human resources).

The areas of intervention of our corporate law teams are as follows: setting up and legal follow-up of the functioning of companies (incorporation or setting up of branches, organisation of general and board meetings), capital increase or reduction, appointment, assessment of directors’ duties, their dismissal, as well as shareholders’ agreements, among others.

Étude Kabinda further assists and represents individuals in family law matters (adoption, inheritance, filiation), real estate acquisition, neighbourhood relations, etc. The law firm also assists any individual wishing to set up a non-profit entity, such as an association or a public corporation promoting the public interest, in the context of philanthropic, charitable, scientific or cultural activities, for example.

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