ASSISTANCE IN EMPLOYMENT RELATED MATTERS FOR COMPANIES. DLabour law, social security, individual and collective labour disputes.

The team that manages assistance in employment related matters for companies has a proven track record in labour and employment law. It is an important tool of economic life that any business must know and master.

Étude Kabinda’s clients, who employ thousands of staff members, appreciate the quality of a team empowered to manage human resources (involving a broad knowledge of legal enactments and ignorance of which would result in administrative sanctions), as well as the most complex issues of labour and employment law: organisation of internal good practices (in order to comply with regulations), drafting and maintenance of employment contracts, documents, authorisations and certificates (regularly monitored by the labour administration), follow up of hiring and policies in compliance with regulations, assistance to companies in dealing with collective employee organisations, assistance in the event of individual or collective disputes, good practices in the field of employment of foreigners.

Étude Kabinda’s lawyers, experts in labour law, are involved in all stages of the labour and employment aspect of the business, and offer comprehensive support covering also: human resources audit, assistance offered to companies before hiring, entry into, amendment or termination of employment contracts, remuneration, setting up and functioning of employee representative institutions, restructuring, collective bargaining, social security, workers’ movement.

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